Can you be great at betting for protection? Find out now!

In the early parts of their career in unlimited Hold'Em, protecting hands was the biggest concern for most players. They are paranoid about the probability of flush draws when they have top pairs and usually focus on draw charging, making them overlook the value from other good hands and defend what is left of their stack.

Eventually, they learn their lesson but as a consequence overcorrect their strategy. Their mantra now becomes to bet only when they can have a call from weaker hands or have a fold from a stronger one. To summarize, most players learn to gamble only as bluffs or when there are sure bets, abandoning the protection concept that could make them lose a lot of buy-ins when done wrongly. Be also aware that placing bets in Hold'Em is totally different from other betting types, like for example, League of Legend bets, which are on the same of popularity in eSports. There, you have exclusive promotions of 50% cash back for a lost bet, which is absolutely not a case if you lose a hand or an entire game in Hold'Em.

Even in unlimited Hold'Em, there are times when betting for protection is necessary even if wagers won't receive calls from weak hands. The biggest factor to consider is if actions for rivers and turns will be of benefit to you or the opponent. In cases where you have vulnerable hands or there is little chance for your opponent to bluff, you can bet to win the pot. People playing too loose before a flop and to aggressive after it make the top targets for continuation bets. They are the ones who give up easily once the flop is missed, which can happen a lot of times.

There are a few things to consider when betting for protection. The first is the implied odds. You have to think if someone could have a hand that's second-best when he could have folded for a flop wager. The next factor to consider is bluff catching - your opponent could bet on the pot with a weaker hands compared to yours only as a charade.

If your competitor is way behind you, it is advisable that you should still check. There will be occasions when betting for protection is critical and there will be times when there is a lesser need to do so. Although most bets in unlimited Hold'Em can still be classified as value wagers or bluffs, there will really be times when betting for protection is imperative. What you need in order to understand about poker tips like this is knowing what you are defending and the reason for doing so. This is about self-protection from bad rivers and turns in which only other players can improve and you'll be stagnant. As in all poker games, you would need a solid strategy so you can take home the pot.