Hosting Friends for Poker Night Tips

Hosting your own poker game at home is probably one of the best ways of learning & teaching others about how to play poker, you will also have fun and have a great time with your friends & family, and you may even make a dollar or two!

Who Wants To Play

Whilst at first it may sound like a really great idea to invite everyone that you know and be the big buzz amongst your friends, keep in mind the practicalities. Don't go crazy and invite everyone you know and their mother, remember everyone has to fit inside your house and you want everyone to feel comfortable not cramped. Don't invite any more than 8 people for your first poker night. Remember you are the host and as such will be responsible for clarifying the rules to those beginners you invite, it will be down to you to keep the game flowing and also the shuffling and the dealing.

Set The Venue & Time

Decide when & where the cash game or tournament is going to be held and give everyone at least 2-3 days' notice beforehand. Call, text or email everyone to make sure that everyone can make it so you have enough time to call your "B" list should you have any last minute cancellations.

Be Properly Prepared

Do a little preparation, fun events are planned, just like a good vacation. You want the evening to run smoothly and be a success, so be sure to set the rules in place. How much will each chip be worth? How many buy ins will each player have, how much will the buy ins be? Be sure to set your pot limit or whether you will have no limit and how quickly the blinds go up. Print the rules out that you have laid down for all the players, to avoid any misunderstandings. When hosting friends for poker night tips are offered by others, seek quick agreement, the object is fun, not just formality, though it does have to be structured with simple dos and don'ts.

When To Start And End

Know in advance how long you want to be playing and be sure everyone knows. Not everyone will want to hang around for a marathon. If you set it for a week night, we suggest a couple of hours and have your guests bring their own snacks & drinks, that way, if they want to reciprocate, they will know in advance that they don't have to go to too much trouble.

Set The Mood

Create a pleasant atmosphere with some chill out background music. Keep it low, so people can chat.

Have A Good Time

The whole idea of the event is for everyone to have fun, the money factor is secondary, You want everyone to enjoy themselves above and beyond any competitiveness. If you follow these tips, it could be the first night of many, enjoy.