Hold 'Em Tournament Tips

The following are Hold 'Em Tournament Tips. We have 10 tips for you that we hope you will find useful in your understanding of no limit Texas Hold 'Em poker tournaments. Let's get started!

Tip 1

Keep it simple. Don't play too many hands. Top players are selective about what they play & how they play. Early on, you have more players following after you so obviously you require a stronger hand. Be aware of where you are at in the game.


You will find statistically you will complete a flush almost 5.8 of the time. With 2 suited cards 23 percent of the time. This means each time you play cards that are two suited your chances of a flush are about one in every 16 tries. Don't get hung up on low suited cards as a bigger flush can always take you out.

Tip 3

Place little value on small change pairs. Hope that you flop the set after getting in as cheaply as possible.


Follow the fit or fold course of action. A flop, should improve your hand. If it doesn't then it doesn't fit your hand so you fold if you have a bet in front of you.


Keep them guessing. When you raise don't just raise blind, always keep your amount the exact same. Keep everyone in the dark.

Tip 6

Cold Calling. This is when you have to call the original bet and also raise it. Save this one only for a very strong hand, don't play silly games with your money!

Tip 7

You will never make it big by going "All In" this move is for the movies.

Tip 8

Bluffing - this is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal if you are good at it, & restrict it to only a couple of other players...Don't overdo it though.

Tip 9

Know what actions you can take and take the appropriate action. In other words know your rules, i.e. How you can get a free card if you need it, bluffing, semi-bluffing, when to slow things down & check-raising.

Tip 10

Monitor the other players playing style. Whether you are still involved or not. Keep your eyes peeled & stay alert at all times for little tell-tale signals.... Pay attention to little detail...Go over these Hold 'Em Tournament Tips carefully & by the way yes you do now have an edge.